Dying For Daing?

daing na bangus

If you’re a big breakfast kind of person, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is our Makati branch open 24/7, but we serve those kinds of breakfasts that keep you running the whole morning.

Pinoys love our silogs, and ours are extremely lovable. A heaping mound of steaming garlic rice, 2 golden, runny eggs, sunny-side up, and your choice of fried protein. Here we have our fat milkfish, with its blackened fatty stomach oozing with richness, its skin fried to a crunch, and its protein-rich meat satisfying in its heft. Wow, we’re hungry now!





Ham All You Can! Yes, You Can!

ham all you can

We started the holiday season a little early. Introducing our Ham All You Can, featuring our own specially brined Swiss Glazed Holiday Ham. Marinated for weeks for flavor and juiciness, then finished off with a sugar-glaze for that yummy, crackling crunch.

You can also order our ham for your own festivities! Just let us know when. We have both bone-in and boneless.

Ham All You Can is offered in both Makati and Paco branches, for lunch and dinner only. Call 8188251 (Makati) or 5213002 (Paco) for reservations or inquiries.