Want To Attend Our Price Rollback?

For those of you who haven’t heard, we hold an annual Price Rolllback where we roll back our prices of specific signature dishes to the 1940s. Yes, that’s right, and if you know the history of inflation, you can just imagine what the prices of the dishes are: a sausage at P13, corned beef at P17…..you get the drift. These prices are practically free. Yes, it was a marketing gimmick. And yes, it worked. People talked about it. And are still talking about it.

The first time we did this, for our 60th anniversary in 2006, we opened it to anyone, and it was on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the press release appeared (yes, we still came out with articles in the newspaper then), our phone kept ringing non-stop and we were fully booked by 6am.

Our learnings from that event: we made a lot of people angry because we COULDN’T accommodate them (“why bother to come out with a promotion if you can’t accept our reservation?”) and that most of the people who got reservations were people who had NEVER tried our food before, and just lucked out getting the cheapest deal in town. And while they enjoyed the evening and the food, they only came back sparingly.

From then on we decided that if we’re going to throw a party with great food for free, the guests will be the people we’d like to thank, who have supported us for the past year, and who will still be our loyal patrons even AFTER the Price Rollback. So we came out with our Gruzi loyalty card, and a completed card meant that you got a table for 4 people in our Price Rollback. Our regular guests appreciated it, since it was our way of saying “thank you” to them.

So now here’s a new twist this year! To give all of you who HAVEN’T had the chance to fill up a Gruzi card, here’s a way to earn a table! We’re coming out with a Trivia Contest, and the FIRST person to email us with the MOST correct answers will win a table! Clues to some of the questions will appear in our FB posts or tweets, so if you feel you need them, like or follow us!

To keep all things fair, we’ll be releasing the questions at a specific date, so keep checking our FB, tweets, or website for updates!



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