Rules and Guidelines for our Trivia Contest

We’ve gotten a lot of interest since our last post! So here’s more information about our Trivia Contest.

1. The questions of the Trivia Contest will be posted in our website on August 15,10am, Manila Time! This is to ensure that everyone gets to play on an even playing field.

2. Only answers emailed to will be considered. So please do NOT turn in your answers to our branches.

3. Deadline for submission of answers will be Aug. 19 11:59pm. Any entries submitted AFTER this time will not be considered.

4. A person can submit as many entries as he wants. Only his LAST entry will be considered.

5. The FIRST person to submit the most number of correct answers wins a table for four people at our Price Rollback on Aug. 29, evening.

6. The winner will be announced on Aug. 22 Monday on our website, FB, and Twitter accounts. We will also email the winner (by replying to his email) about his win.

7. The winner has until Aug. 28 to claim his table. To claim, he must go to any Old Swiss Inn branch, present a valid ID, and make a reservation. This table is NON-TRANSFERRABLE. If he fails to claim his table by this time, his table is forfeited.


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