And here’s our winner: Ms. Maria Cecilia Lim, Paco patron!

Congratulations Ms. Maria Cecilia Lim for answering our Trivia Contest PERFECTLY. You can now claim your prize at any Old Swiss Inn branch. You can call the branch before you pick up your prize just to alert them (Makati 8188251, Paco 5213002). Please be ready to show 2 valid IDs. Thank you very much for joining our contest!

You and 3 other friends or family can join our Price Rollback on Monday, Aug. 29. Just make sure you make a reservation.

For those of you who would like to know the answers to the questions (in case they come up again NEXT YEAR), read on……

1. What is the official date of the birth of the Swiss Confederation (month, day, year)?
August 1, 1291
2. What year was Old Swiss Inn established?
3. What is the name of the founder of Old Swiss Inn?
Emil Landert
4. What is the name of the waiter who has worked in Old Swiss Inn the most number years?
Adel del Rosario
5. How much is the corned beef during our Annual Rollback?
6. What is the name of our function room in the Makati branch?
7. What is the root word of “fondue” and what does it mean?
“fondre” – to melt
8. What is the name of Old Swiss Inn’s mileage/loyalty card?
9. How many people does @oldswissinn follow on twitter?
10. What’s our profile picture on Facebook?
Fondue Bourguignonne (Beef Fondue)


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