How To Eat Our S’Mores Fondue

We’re currently promoting our S’Mores Fondue. While not a new dessert, it hasn’t gotten the attention we felt it deserved. Maybe it’s because most people make a beeline for our Classic Toblerone Fondue that they don’t even want to try our other chocolate fondues.

In any case, here’s a video showing HOW to eat our S’Mores Fondue. As you can see, its a little different, but just as interactive. And kids LOVE it! Who doesn’t like playing with their food?



We’re Not Always About Food: Part 2

Last month we sent our very own Captain Waiter, “Kap John”, to teach basic food service skills to several out-of-school youth as part of the Limcaoco Foundation’s HOPE Program.

Kap John first introduced them to the common plates and utensils found in restaurants.

He then proceeded to show off his plate-balancing skills.



This skill actually comes in very handy in large sit-down functions.

Finally he taught them how to properly set a table. Ta-da!

Celebrating 65 years!!

Last Aug. 29 we celebrated 65 years of serving you by rolling back our prices to what we think were prices in 1946. We offer this special menu only to the people who have supported us the past year. Its our way of saying “thank you” for keeping us in business.

Both Paco and Makati were fully booked by Rollbackers, and we didn’t have to ask if they enjoyed their dinner. Who wouldn’t, at such giveaway prices? 🙂