Making Our Toblerone Chocolate Fondues Even Better

We’ve started making our own homemade mallows! They’re softer, fresher, more velvety, with a wisp of vanilla. After having these, there’s no going back to the commercial ones. They’re THAT good! They’re now being served with all our Toblerone Chocolate Fondues, even our S’Mores, because they melt really well. See? Advertisements

Mother’s Day Chocolate Fondues

We’re giving all mothers our best-selling Toblerone Chocolate fondue this Sunday, May 13, Mother’s Day! Mothers can choose ANY of our chocolate fondue variants: from classic Milk to intense Dark. Or try our Flaming Turtle (dark Toblerone, rum, and walnuts) or S’Mores Fondue (melted mallows and graham crackers). For more excitement, we have our Chocolate…