Old Swiss Inn in the 1950s

What a wonderful surprise!

We received an email from Mr. Werner Radke out of the blue. The email said:


Dear Sir or Madam,

My father, Ernst Radtke, worked in Manila in the fifties to built textile machines. He deceased in 2004, very advanced in years, and still I am arranging thousands of photos he left.

I found the two pics of your house in his collection (without any notice what the pics show, but thanks to interenet I hope I found the original). Perhaps you are interested in them (for your historical site).

Greetings from Germany!

Werner Radtke


These 2 pictures were attached:

I assume this was the facade of Swiss Inn in Paco, though our current building looks very different now.


Our bar in Paco still looks pretty similar! It was reputed to be the longest bar then.


Thank you, Mr. Radke, for taking the time and making the effort to scan these pictures, look for our email, and send these pictures to us! if ever you visit the Philippines, we’ll treat you for dinner!



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