Price Rollback 2012: Happy 66th Anniversary!!


How can you beat THESE prices? 🙂 Thanks Geof Que for the picture!

Next Price Rollback will be on Aug. 26, 2013, so start filling up your Gruzi Card!!

It was a full house in Makati.


Keep The Donations Coming!!


Thank you very much for your donations! We got sacks of rice, canned goods, bottled water, clothes, cheese, candy, and a whole lot more! We made sandwiches and food packs (corned beef, tuna, sardines, and meat loaf were our favorites.) 🙂 Thanks to Happy2Help Charity Group, we made over 1000 meals on our first half day!!




Donations for flood victims, 24/7

Our Makati branch is accepting donations for flood victims. Rice, canned goods, and botlled water are priorities since we will be cooking and assembling food packs. Other welcome items: blankets, banig, old clothes. Anything you can spare. We’re open 24/7 so drop off anytime. We’re in Somerset Olympia Bldg, beside Peninsula Hotel. Call 8188251 for more details. Pls. repost. In tandem with Happy2Help Charity  Group.


Let’s all pitch in and help!