Did you know the proper fondue consumption etiquette?

Fondue Bourguignonne

Before we remind you about our best-selling meat fondue, first, we’d like to share a tip.

Did you know that the right etiquette on fondue consumption is to avoid the dipping fork come in direct contact with one’s mouth? You should also be mindful that repeated dipping of an item is a big no-no. Just like that!

Now, when was the last time you spoiled yourself with our Fondue Bourguignonne? Remember that prime beef tenderloin cubes dipped in hot oil with a carousel of sauces? We bet you loved it! You should come back for another try!


Cheese trivia: Why does Swiss cheese have holes in it?

Swiss-CheeseEver wonder why are there holes in Swiss cheese? It is because of the “bacteria” used in making the cheese. These bacteria form holes on the dairy during the aging process. As the cheese ages and solidifies, the bacteria added continue to eat it away forming pockets on the cheese.

One kind of bacteria, the P. Shermani consumes the lactic acid excreted by other bacteria, in this process; carbon dioxide and propionic acid are given off from which the bubbles are formed. And, when a bubble bursts, it leaves a hole in the cheese.

There’s much more to learn about your favorite Swiss cheese. And there are different ways to enjoy it. Come to Old Swiss Inn and we’ll show you!

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