Have a Healthy Breakfast at Old Swiss Inn


Start your morning with a healthy breakfast before undertaking the day’s work. Try our breakfast buffet at Old Swiss Inn Makati from 7AM to 10:30AM and mix-in your favorite meal with any of these choices:

  • Salad: P 240.00 to P 330.00
  • Cheese: P 100.00 to P 150.00
  • American and continental breakfast: P 185.00 to P 385.00
  • Local favorites: – P 245.00 to P 300.00
  • Fruits: P 150.00 to P 200.00
  • Desserts: – P 60.00 to 1,750.00
  • Different flavors of our Pinkie’s Farm yogurts: P 35.00 to P 360.00

Your breakfast comes with unlimited drinks of your choice, should it be coffee, juice or tea.

If you are in or near Manila area, our Old Swiss Inn Paco branch also serves ala carte breakfast favorites from 7AM- 10:30 AM.

For reservations call Makati (8188251) and Paco (5262739).


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