‘‘They all know my name and treat me like royalty’’


He’s not a king, not a prince, but he’s been treated like one at Old Swiss Inn. Delighted with our service, he sent us this letter commending us for a job well done.


“I have been a resident of the Somerset Olympia in Makati for a year now, and during that time, I have been treated like one of the family by the staff at the Old Swiss Inn.  I have breakfast there every day of the week and not only is the food very good, but the service is the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world.  I am an international traveler and appreciate a friendly face and a happy smile when I enter a business.  I could list all of Miss Connie’s staff as they are all exceptional, but I have sent them individual thank you cards expressing my appreciation for their hard work.


 I know they work long hours and different shifts, but they all are very pleasant any time of day or night.  They all know my name and treat me like royalty.  They are, as a group, kind and considerate to an American far from home and his own kitchen.  They are funny, concerned, and professional in every way.  I’m always impressed with how they go out of their way to make their customers comfortable.


 Also, several times Ms Connie has had to facilitate short-notice lunches for my office (once she had to double the order when we walked in the door!) and always sent the best servers and made it look like we’d planned it months ahead.  She, too, is a great representative of your restaurant.


 I am leaving the Philippines as my work here is finished, but I will miss having someone smiling and wishing me well every morning.  They are all an asset to your establishment.  They and Ms Connie spoil me rotten (in a very good way).  I will miss them all greatly.
 Please pass on my appreciation to Ms Connie Orlina and the staff at the Old Swiss Inn in the Somerset Olympia.  They have made my stay here truly enjoyable.”


-Tom Howard
Arkansas, USA


Photo credits to Mr. Tom Howard


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