How Did Corned Beef Get Its Name?

  TRIVIA: Every wonder how corned beef got its name? From  The History of Corned Beef: “The term “Corned” comes from putting meat in a large crock and covering it with large rock-salt kernels of salt that were referred to as “corns of salt” This preserved the meat.” It has NOTHING to do with the…

Grilled Cheese Redux

Grilled cheese sandwiches are classic childhood favorites. It’s easy to love a sandwich oozing with creamy cheese, embraced by crunchy bread. Here are some characteristics of a GREAT grilled cheese sandwich. 1. You can really use any kind of cheese, but make sure that the cheese is grated, instead of sliced. This ensures that the…

Congratulations Chef Claude Tayag!!

Proud to be Pinoy! Congratulations Chef Claude Tayag!! ‪   From the FB account of Ivan Henares: “This is the first time that the Philippine Embassy participated in the Embassy Chef Challenge ‪#‎ECC2016‬ in Washington, DC. Representing us was Chef Claude Tayag who created his own version of bringhe using Philippine products that are exported…

The Art Of The Sausage

Sausage-making is a time-honored tradition and no 2 sausage recipes are the same. You can say that sausages mirror a culture’s tastes.   Here’s a good article from Bon Appetit about how to make sausages, with links to interesting recipes.

Thank you ABS-CBN!

Thank you ABS-CBN for mentioning our Wine and Cheese event in their The Roundup! Check it out here. This is what they wrote: “Wanting to de-stress on hump day, but #titavibes getting the better of you? Indulge yourself then at Old Swiss Inn’s Wine and Cheese Buffet, back due to popular demand. Head over to: Old Swiss…

Wagyu Beef!!!

Less Fat. More Meat. *Grilled Japanese Wagyu Beef available at our Makati branch. *Limited time only. Please call to reserve.

Wine & Cheese: The Repeat

Fantastic attendance in our Wine & Cheese Buffet: The Repeat tonight. We promise to have another event soon!

Wine And Cheese: The Repeat

  We’re ready for our Wine and Cheese Event: The Repeat tonight at 6pm! Our thanks to our sponsors, Straits Wine Company, Oriental Merchants Inc, and Santini. For those of you who aren’t able to attend tonight, watch our page or our website for notices of future events. We have a lot coming up!

Food Spotlight: Reuben Sandwich

There are many stories of how the Reuben Sandwich came to be. But whatever story you believe, you’ve got to try ours to believe how good it is! Our famous corned beef over rye bread and a bed of sauerkraut, topped with cheese. How can it miss? Some of these stories are: From Patricia B….