Grilled Cheese Redux

triple cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches are classic childhood favorites. It’s easy to love a sandwich oozing with creamy cheese, embraced by crunchy bread. Here are some characteristics of a GREAT grilled cheese sandwich.

1. You can really use any kind of cheese, but make sure that the cheese is grated, instead of sliced. This ensures that the cheese melts to the gooeyness that people look for in a grilled cheese sandwich. If the cheese is just sliced, it takes longer to melt, plus either end up too thick or too thin.

2. Crusty bread. Yes, you can use any kind of bread, but we like using our very own whole wheat bread, for that extra “nutty” flavor. We also like to slice our bread JUST right: too much and you end up not tasting the cheese. Too little and the cheese has support and just becomes a gooey mess (but then again, what’s wrong with that?).

3. Buttered on the outside, with a tinge of charring. The proper way to make a grilled cheese sandwich is to butter your bread ON THE OUTSIDE, and then putting it on the hot pan/grill. This way, the first flavor that hits your taste-buds is the richness of the butter, getting them ready for the play of textures that will follow: the crunch of the bread coupled with the soft, “ooziness” of the cheese.

It’s easy to make your own, but if you want to try ours, we have 3 kinds to choose from: triple-cheese spiced with paprika, honey and basil combo, and cheese and tomatoes (like our Walliser Fondue!!).


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  1. ohhhh honey and basil. What a great idea.

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