Melty cheese, anyone?

  Raclette and melted cheese is taking Manila by storm! lists the places you can find melty cheese 🙂 Thanks! Our Tabletop Raclette is good for 4 pax and is meant, like our fondues, to be shared because it’s like a party on your table. 🙂 For full article, click here.

Thank you!

  It’s been a long 2 months but we’re finally open! Our renovation finally ended a month ago and wanted to feature it immediately. Thanks for the full article and we hope you enjoyed! To everyone out there, come look at Makati’s new look!  

Thank you Esquire Magazine!

  ….for including our Makati branch and our Cheese Fondue in you late-night eats list. For the full list, click here.   Our Makati branch is open 24/7, for those of you who still don’t know. 🙂

Old-fashioned milk bottles anyone?

  Pinkie’s Farm’s milks and yogurts now come in adorable milk bottles. We just ask for a deposit which will be given back to you when you return our bottles….but we’re betting you’ll decide to keep them. The best part is, they’re earth-friendly. Recycle everyone!