25 years strong!

  Assistant Executive Chef Freddie has worked his way for 25 years from a dishwasher. Now you know why our food in Makati has always been consistent.

Better Breakfasts with Butter

  Breakfast made better with Pinkie’s butter. Salted with Maldon’s sea salt. All natural that it softens in a jiffy. Available @oldswissinn

New product alert: All-natural butter!!

Pinkie’s Farm’s newest product: all-natural butter from grass-fed cows. Unsalted or with Maldon’s Sea Salt. Best used as a simple spread where you can taste the difference. Smooth and creamy. Not waxy. Softens in minutes as it is all-natural. Available at Old Swiss Inn (8188251) or metromart.com. Call ahead to reserve or order. #butter #natural…

Oldtimer Spotlight: 22 years with us!

  Meet Assistant Executive Chef Daniel. He’s been with us for 22 years when he started as a dishwasher. He’s one of the reasons why we’ve been here for years. Thank you Chef!!

New Year’s Resolution 2: Eat more fruits

  Toblerone Chocolate Fondue: fresh fruits, homemade marshmallows, and sponge cake dipped in Toblerone milk chocolate and cream. Also comes in white and dark variants.

New Year’s Resolution 1: Eat more seafood

  Neptune fondue: The wealth of the sea on your table: salmon, shrimps, fish fillet, and squid dipped in saffron-infused seafood stock and served with a carousel of sauces and garlic rice.