Lunch Specials in Old Swiss Inn, Makati

Are you having a hard time looking for a place to have lunch?


Think no more and bring your family, friends, and colleagues at Old Swiss Inn Restaurant in Makati. We are offering a 3-course lunch special with our bestsellers every weekdays from Monday to Friday every week.


What’s for lunch?


We give you a choice if you want soup or salad for appetizer.


On Mondays, it is some shredded chicken in flavorsome mushroom sauce served with buttered linguini. One that you always choose from the menu, our Chicken Forestierre.


Every Tuesday, it is as special as you are to us ‘coz for lunch it is a Prime Rib served with deliciously grilled vegees and wangyu rice. Who would not love that?


During Wednesdays, how about some baked Lamb Short Ribs glazed with luscious barbeque sauce and served with some perfectly grilled vegetables?


For Thursdays, it is another chicken recipe, the Chicken Alexander. Chicken breast pieces with mushroom, chorizo, and peppers in a rich white sauce and served with rice pilaf.


And to end the week, every Friday, because we knew you this is one of your favorites. It is the Beef Stroganoff specially for you. Some beef tenderloin in a tasty mushroom sauce over buttered noodles.


And of course, every after main course, we give you something from our selection of pastry bars.


Our lunch specials are as special as you are to us that we serve you with what is just perfect for you.


Call us now at ‎‎818-8251 or email us at for reservations. For Old Swiss Inn Makati only.


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