Signature Menu

We’ve become famous for several dishes after 70+ years of operations so we decided to put these in a separate menu for people who just want to know what our signature dishes are. These dishes have been tried and tested throughout the years and have been universally lauded by diners of all generations. So if you do decide to try one of these, chances are you’ll love it!


Bundnerteller        P 698.00                                                          
Air-dried Swiss meat specialties such prosciutto, dried beef, salami and smoked sausage.

Raclette (single serving)         P 498.00                                   
Melted Swiss Raclette cheese , served with baby potatoes, gherkins and pearl onions.   

Flammkuchen          P 220.00                                                                                                              A combination of our french and Italian roots, with our very own local flavor. Thin crusted pizza dough topped with bacon, caramelized onions, Pinkie’s farm Greek yogurt and fresh kesong puti


Goulash         P 298.00                                                                            

Our signature soup: hearty soup spiced with lashings of beef and vegetables.

Barley         P 298.00

Cream barley with brunoise vegetables, dried beef and smoked bacon.    

Zwiebelsuppe        P 298.00                                                             
German onion soup! A heartier version of its French cousin.          


Classic Caesar Salad         P 348.00                                                
Topped with bacon or for a healthier alternative with grilled chicken

White Cheese and Walnut Salad          P 345.00                        
Fresh greens, cherry tomatoes topped with white cheese and walnut: choice of Raspberry vinaigrette or Italian Dressing

Swiss Inn Salad         P 428.00                                                      
Our own version of Chef’s Salad. Fresh assorted Greens garnished with ham, eggs, chicken and cheese. The choice of dressing is yours Raspberry Vinaigrette, Thousand Island or Italian.

Succulent Grills

US Black Angus Prime Rib
Served with your choice of Angus rice, potatoes or side salad

P 1,228.00

     *For 1 person (250 gms)                                             

P 2,338.00

     *For 2 -3 persons (500 gms)                                     

P 4,468.00

     *For 4-5 persons (1 kg)                                               

Herb Rack of Lamb
Tender Australian Lamb Rack, delicately infused with herbs, au jus gravy, and rosmarin potatoes. Mint jelly on the side.

P 1,168.00

       *For 1 person (300 gms)                                          

P 2,148.00

       *For 2 -3 persons (500 gms)                                      

P 3,988.00

       *For 4-5 persons (1 kg)                                               

Tiger Prawns
Accompanied with spicy tomato provencale sauce and chili garlic vinegar. Served with garlic fired rice.

P 1,168.00

       *For 1 person (300 gms)                                                  

P 2,148.00

       *For 2 -3 persons (500 gms)                                          

P 3,988.00

       *For 4-5 persons (1 kg)                                                              

Old Time Favorites

Gnagi          P 698.00                                                                                   
Cured pork knuckles, baked or boiled, served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.

Fresh Corned Beef          P 628.00                                                           
Our very owned corned beef brisket served with sautéed cabbage and boiled potatoes.

Zurich Geschnetzeltes           P 518.00                                                  
Shredded pork tenderloin in mushroom cream sauce served with roesti potatoes. This never fails to release the most discerning diner.

Peppersteak Swiss Inn         P 748.00                                                   
Prime Beef tenderloin encrusted with cracked peppercorn with our famous green Peppercorn sauce. Served with French fries and grilled vegetables.

Chicken Forrestiere         P 588.00                                                         
Grilled chicken served with mushrooms and pepper gravy. Accompanied with butter linguini.

King Salmon          P 628.00                                                                       
Grilled salmon fillet in caper butter sauce and served on bed of gratinated potatoes and white onion rings.           

Darne of Salmon          P 628.00                                                                
Poached salmon fillet in cream and vegetables. Served with fresh green salad in a citrus raspberry vinaigrette.

Black Seabass (Apahap)          P 628.00                                                 
Grilled Local Seabass Fillet with a duet of tomato and pesto sauces served with butter rice.

Lapu Lapu Almondines           P 588.00                                                   
Panfried fillet of grouper with lemon butter and almond flakes. Served with grilled vegetables and buttered rice.      

Corned Beef Caldereta          P 420.00                                                                                              Our riff on our local stew made with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables, but using our very own corned beef.

Corned Beef Sinigang          P 420.00                                                                                                The  Philippines signature soup sourced with tamarind but using our corned beef. An unbeatable combination.                    


Waatlander Fondue           P 938.00                                                          
The classic Swiss Cheese Fondue: bread cubes dip in melted Gruyere and Emmenthal Cheese. Laced with kirsch for that extra kick!

Walliser Fondue         P 1,128.00                                                                   
Made with Swiss Wine, Gruyere, Emmenthal and Raclette Cheese and fresh tomatoes served with baby potatoes and assorted vegetables.

Fondue Bourguignonne         P 1,298.00                                                     
Prime Beef Tenderloin cubes dip in hot oil with a carousel of sauces served with French Fries.

Neptune Fondue         P 1,298.00                                                                 
The wealth of the sea on your table: salmon, shrimps, fish fillet, and squid dipped in saffron-infused seafood stock and served with a carousel of sauces and garlic rice.


Schublig        P 368.00                                                                                   

Hungarian         P 368.00                                                                              

Veal         P 338.00                                                                                        

Pork          P 338.00              

Garlic         P 338.00                                                                                         

Lamb         P 458.00                                                                                      

Sausage Platter (schublig,veal,Hungarian,pork )         P 1,368.00     


For sidings your choice of one only from Roesti, Potato Salad, or Potato Leek Stew


Grison Beef Stew          P 560.00                                                                                                         A taste of Switzerland! This recipe is from the mountainous region of Grison, where winters are bone-chillingly cold. This piping hot soup/stew with fresh cabbage, bacon and beef brisket makes a hearty and filling meal.

Slow Roasted Lamb Ribs          P 1,500.00                                                                                        Tender Australian lamb ribs slow roasted until they are so tender that the meat falls right off the bone. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper. These are really finger-licking good.