Snap & Zap Meals

Our Snap & Zap Meals are made for people who love to eat well and have no time to cook, and no time to order out. They are pre-cooked frozen meals that you keep in your freezer. If you want a meal in a SNAP, just pull it out and ZAP in the microwave (direct heat also works, but not as fast!).

Corned Beef Caldereta                      P 500.00

Chicken Pastel                                  P 350.00

Barbeque Lamb Short Ribs              P 475.00

Callos Madrilena                               P 500.00

Beef Salpicao                                   P 500.00

Lengua Salpicao                               P 500.00

Beef Mechado                                  P 450.00

Lengua Con Setas                           P 475.00

Beef Lasagna                                   P 350.00

Hungarian Pork Goulash                  P  450.00

Beef Tapa  (Raw)                                P  500.00



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