RACLETTE 101: Why You Need To Add Cheese To Everything

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How many of you enjoy grilled meat and vegetables topped with a generous amounts of smoldering cheese? 

You don’t need to know a lot about cheese to enjoy it, and it can be consumed by any age. While the French is known for their variety of popular artisanal cheese, the swiss is actually credited for creating this dish with grilled meats and melted cheese called the raclette.

The Raclette pronounced /rəˈklɛt/ is actually semi-hard cows milk, and also a Swisss dish where you scrape the melted cheese on grilled potatoes. Today, there are now raclette grills – table-top machines that cook words like an electric grills with several cooking trays beneath it.

After centuries of this Raclette love affair with France and Switzerland, it has found its way to the shores of Manila. The Fat Girls Day Out Team teach you what you need to know about having your next Raclette experience.


These are some items we recommend you have to start you off with a basics.

  • Boil small potatoes (with or without skin)
  • A bunch of cold cuts / chartecurie
  • Mushrooms
  • Bell peppers
  • Raclette cheese
  • Raclette machine – This is essential!


Step 1: Turn on your raclette machine and wait for it to get warm enough.

Step 2: Start grilling your preferred meat or vegetables

Step 3: Add 1-2 slices of cheese in the coupelles (The small pans underneath the grill designed to melt the cheese) Let it melt completely.

Step 4: Once your meat and vegetables are cooked, place it on a clean plate.

Step 5: Pour the melted cheese onto your plate and enjoy.

Raclette is a meal that is easily prepared and enjoyed. There’s nothing like warm, melted raclette layered over a mound of potatoes, meat or even just by itself on an elegant white plate. The saltiness of the cheese compliments any other flavor profile that you add to it whether it be meat, vegetables or even bread.

To the Swiss, a raclette is more than just a dish but an experience, they have these rules if you want to be as authentic as possible. Try following these 3 Swiss Rules when having Raclette:

  1. No Side Dishes – They don’t want anything else grilling.
  2. No Drinks – You cannot drink water during and 2 hours after, you can only wine, beer or hot tea. They believe that when you drink anything else, it will cause you congeal cheese in your belly.
  3. No Empty Trays – When the cheese is melted, scrape it off and refill. No coupelles to be left untouched!

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