Restaurant Menu

(a la carte)

We've become famous for several dishes after 70+ years of operations so we decided to put these in a separate menu for people who just want to know what our Signature dishes are.


** BundnertellerAir-dried Swiss meat specialties such as prosciutto, dried beef, salami and smoked sausage – Php 890.00

** Raclette (single serving) Melted Swiss Raclette cheese, served with baby potatoes, gherkins and pearl onions – Php 548.00


** Goulash – Our signature soup: hearty soup spiced with lashings of beef and vegetables – Php 330.00

Barley Cream barley with brunoise vegetables, dried beef and smoked bacon – Php 298.00


Sesame Rolls (Dinner Rolls) – Php 90.00 per dozen

Pinkie’s Farm Milk Loaf Bread  Php 175.00

Pinkie’s Farm Milk Bread – Cream Flavor  Php 250.00

Pinkie’s Farm Milk Bread – Espresso Flavor  Php 320.00

Signature Dishes

** Gnagi Cured pork knuckles, baked or boiled, served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. – Php 860.00

** Zurich Geschnetzeltes – Shredded pork tenderloin in mushroom cream sauce served with roesti potatoes. This never fails to release the most discerning dinner. – Php 570.00

Chicken Forestierre – Grilled chicken served with mushrooms and pepper gravy. Accompanied with butter linguini. – Php 646.00

Darne of Salmon – Poached salmon fillet in cream and vegetables. Served with fresh green salad in a citrus raspberry vinaigrette – Php 690.00

** Fresh Corned Beef – Our very own corned beef brisket served with sauteed cabbage and boiled potatoes.  – Php 690.00

** Peppersteak Swiss Inn – Prime beef tenderloin encrusted with cracked peppercorn with our famous green Peppercorn sauce. Served with French fries and grilled vegetables. – Php 890.00

King Salmon – Grilled salmon fillet in caper butter sauce and served on bed of gratinated potatoes and white onion rings. – Php 690.00

Black Seabass (Apahap)  – Grilled Local Seabass Fillet with  a duet of tomato and pesto sauces served with butter rice. – Php 690.00

Carvings and Roasts

~~ Crown Roast of Lamb – 1.5kg good for 8 to 10 pax. 
Sides: Pistachio and Herb stuffing
– Php 5,000.00

~~ Italian Porchetta – 2kg good for 10 pax.

Sides: Chimichurri and porchetta gravy  – Php 3,500.00

~~ Roast Turkey – 5 – 5.5kg good for 12 to 15 pax.
Sides: Cranberry compote, deluxe bread stuffing– Php 7,800.00
~~ Whole Fresh Corned Beef – 1.7kg good for 8 to 10 pax.
Sides: Sauteed cabbage, boiled potatoes – Php 3,800.00

~~ Slow Roasted Angus Beef Belly – 5 – 5.5kg good for 8 to 10 pax.
Sides: Steak rice, caramelized onions and carrots – Php 5,500.00
Roasted Leg of Lamb – 1.6kg good for 8 to 10 pax.
Sides: grilled vegetable, mint jelly, gravy – Php 3,800.00
Roast Angus Rib-Eye – 3kg good for 12 to 15 pax.
Sides: Grilled vegetables, mushroom and pepper gravy – Php 12,000.00
Roasted Rack of Lamb – 1.2kg good for 4 to 5 pax.
Sides: grilled vegetable, mint jelly, gravy – Php 4,500.00
Swiss Honey-Glazed Ham – 1.6kg good for 8 to 10 pax.
Sides: Glazed ham sauce – Php 1,850.00


** Waatlander Fondue –  Php 1,190.00

The classic Swiss Cheese Fondue: bread cubes dip in melted Gruyere and Emmenthal Cheese. Laced with krisch for that extra kick!

Walliser Fondue – Php 1,250.00

Made with Swiss Wine, Gruyere, Emmenthal and Raclette Cheese and fresh tomatoes served with baby potatoes and assorted vegetables.

** Fondue Bourguignonne – Php 1,650.00

Prime Beef Tenderloin cubes dip in hot oil with a carousel of sauces served with French Fries.


** Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue – Php 650.00

This original features Toblerone Chocolate and pure cream. Choice of Milk, Dark and White Toblerone Chocolate

Chocolate S’mores – Php 650.00

Graham crackers topped with roasted, gooey marshmallows. Dip this in rich Toblerone Milk Chocolate Fondue for a sinful s’mores fondue. 

Banana Fritters – Php 248.00

Fried battered sweet bananas dusted with cinnamon sugar. Served with warm vanilla sauce.

Price exclusive of service charge, plus 12% VAT

** – Best seller