Father’s Day June 19, Sunday

Mark your calendars for the most important man in our lives! It’s our time to give him a treat he deserves. June 19 Sunday at our Makati Branch. All fathers get a free dish of either corned beef, peppersteak or a sausage if he dines with 2 paying guests.

How Did Corned Beef Get Its Name?

  TRIVIA: Every wonder how corned beef got its name? From  The History of Corned Beef: “The term “Corned” comes from putting meat in a large crock and covering it with large rock-salt kernels of salt that were referred to as “corns of salt” This preserved the meat.” It has NOTHING to do with the…

Food Spotlight: Reuben Sandwich

There are many stories of how the Reuben Sandwich came to be. But whatever story you believe, you’ve got to try ours to believe how good it is! Our famous corned beef over rye bread and a bed of sauerkraut, topped with cheese. How can it miss? Some of these stories are: From http://whatscookingamerica.net/ Patricia B….