Corned beef carving station – always the party favorite

Our corned beef carving always attracts long lines in a party. #cornedbeef #catering #carving #buffet #oldswissinn


How Did Corned Beef Get Its Name?

corned beef deli sandwich2

corned beef deli sandwich


TRIVIA: Every wonder how corned beef got its name?

From  The History of Corned Beef:

“The term “Corned” comes from putting meat in a large crock and covering

it with large rock-salt kernels of salt that were referred to as “corns of salt”

This preserved the meat.”

It has NOTHING to do with the vegetable, apparently.

Pictured: Our NY deli sandwich, made with our own fresh corned beef.


Food Spotlight: Reuben Sandwich

There are many stories of how the Reuben Sandwich came to be. But whatever story you believe, you’ve got to try ours to believe how good it is! Our famous corned beef over rye bread and a bed of sauerkraut, topped with cheese. How can it miss?

Some of these stories are:


Patricia B. Taylor, daughter of Arnold Reuben (1883-1970), the founder of Reuben’s Restaurant and Delicatessen, remembers that her father made the first Reuben Sandwich in 1914. She described the incident to Crag Claiborne of the New York Times in his book called Craig Claibornes  – The New York Times Food Encyclopedia:

The year was 1914. Late one evening a leading lady of actor Charlie Chaplin came into the restaurant and said, ‘Reuben, make me a sandwich, make it a combination, I’m so hungry I could eat a brick.’ He took a loaf of rye bread, cut two slices on the bias and stacked one piece with sliced Virginia ham, roast turkey, and imported Swiss cheese, topped off with coleslaw and lots of Reuben’s special Russian dressing and the second slice of bread. He served it to the lady who said, ‘Gee, Reuben, this is the best sandwich I ever ate, you ought to call it an Annette Seelos Special.‘ To which he replied, ‘Like hell I will, I’ll call it a Reuben’s Special.’

1925 – Another version is Reuben Kulakofsky (1873-1960), a wholesale grocer in Omaha, Nebraska and co-owner of Central Market in Omaha from 1900 to 1943, created the Reuben Sandwich. Kulakofsky belonged to a weekly poker group whose members apparently enjoyed fixing their own sandwiches every bit as much as they enjoyed playing poker. One of the players, Charles Schimmel, owner of the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha, put the Reuben Sandwich on the hotel menu.