Oldtimer Spotlight: Chef Larry

  Chef Larry joined us 23 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. From a dishwasher to chef, Larry can cook all the old-time favorites, even if they’ve been off the menu for years.

Oldtimer Spotlight! Ogen, our Captain Waiter

  Always welcoming our guests is our Captain Waiter Ogen. Hired 24 years ago as the bartender for Old Swiss Inn Makati’s opening (1994!!) he trained in Paco before being part of the opening team of our Makati branch. He’s seen kids in the 90s come back in their 30s, still ordering their childhood favorites.

Oldtimer Spotlight: Chef Aga

  23 years ago Conrado “Aga” Genova joined our company as a dishwasher. He’s worked hard and learned well and now he’s a mainstay in our kitchen.

Oldtimer Spotlight: Adel, our Captain Waiter

  Meet Adel, who has been serving our diners for 25 years! He started out in our Paco branch in 1992. He is so skilled that he can handle a whole shift by himself and often did, during the wee hours.

25 years strong!

  Assistant Executive Chef Freddie has worked his way for 25 years from a dishwasher. Now you know why our food in Makati has always been consistent.


  Bring your best furry pal on Sept.3 for a play date for the hoomans and pets!

Salmon Is King

Did you know? “Eating salmon regularly has been associated with reducing the risk and incidence of depression. It likewise prevents heart attacks”. Let’s stay happy and healthy ! Indulge in our choice order of King Salmon at your favorite Old Swiss Inn Branch.

More S’Mores!

Nothing tastes as s’amazing as s’our s’sinfully, s’chocolate-tilicious S’mores! Made with real Toblerone and homemade marshmallows.

Health is Wealth…with Cheese.

Fact! Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich is healthier than you ever imagined. It is packed with nutrients and it is low in lactose. Go ahead! Indulge in a Triple Cheese with Paprika at the Old Swiss Inn.

Herbed Rack Of Lamb

  Satisfy your craving! *Herbed Rack of Lamb – From a Tender Australian lamb Rack, delicately infused with herbs, au jus gravy and rosemarin potatoes. Served with mint jelly. *available in solo and family style