Revisiting Paco

Old Swiss Inn Paco branch has been open since 1970. 

Founded by Franciscan friars in the 1580’s, Paco gets its name from the word “Dilao” or yellow in Tagalog. The name San Fernando was added, making it San Fernando de Dilao. 

This used to be the second largest district of Manila and had numerous battles between Japanese settlers and the Spanish friars. In the 19th century, they renamed the city into “Paco de Dilao“, as a homage to San Franscisco and because of the yellow plants that grew around the area.

Old Swiss Inn first opened in Dewey Boulevard (now known as Roxas Boulevard) in 1946 serving authentic Swiss cuisine, specialising in  Fondue.  

In 1970’s, as the restaurant grew in popularity they transferred to Paco to accommodate more patrons. 

Today, several renovations were made within the entire restaurant. While there are significant changes they maintained the classic look and added contemporary fixtures. 

It is a  confluence of the old and new Manila. 

Aside from the original wooden bar counter, you can still see the bell that hangs by the bar, traditionally it means the start and end of happy hour. They have also kept the stained glass windows from the original Old Swiss Inn restaurant.

Today, they have added several TV’s and a billiard table, as well as, painted the walls a red hue to complete the new look of the restaurant. 

Come thru and indulge in classic Swiss favorites while watching the latest televised sports events.