Voted Favorite European Restaurant 2018!

Thank you to all the food writers and bloggers!

We’re honored. We’re floored. We’re humbled. We’re thankful.

Thank you so much to the organizers and voters of The Philippine People’s Choice Awards 2018 for awarding us once again last August 4. We’re humbled when we see our co-winners: what a roster of greats! This is our second time to be awarded but it feels as sweet as the first.

Being chosen as Favorite European Restaurant proves that Swiss food, with its French, German, and Italian influences, is not as unfamiliar as it is thought to be. We’ve been serving our popular fondues, raclettes, steaks, pork knuckles and of course, corned beef, for decades so we must be doing something right. 

As was explained to us, the award is described as “Favorite”. We may not be the newest, fanciest, trendiest, or most fashionable, but we’re the ones people choose when they want great food, personable and gracious service, and a comforting restaurant. 

Voting was conducted over a three week period online, via of one of the Top 10 Travel Blogs worldwide and the country’s undisputed’ #1 Food Blog – Our Awesome Planet; and by the readers of the Philippines’ most influential and most popular lifestyle blogs, known collectively as “The KTG”.

For the complete list of winners, click here. Congratulations to all our co-awardees! We’re honored to be in the same list as you.